The future of Braille
has more than one line

You can do so much more with nine lines

“Because of Canute I am reading for pleasure again” — Steph Sergeant.

Canute 360 has nine lines, 360 cells, which allows the reader to get the full context of text, not just a fragment.

In other words, read Braille as Louis intended, and more! What can Canute do for you?.

Canutes transform Braille distribution

“This is refreshable Braille, reimagined” — Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind

Canute 360 has been designed to compliment existing paper Braille distribution, especially for Braille libraries and producers. It can be comfortably used for a wider variety of books than 20 cell displays and, compared with paper Braille, helps you and your clients save time and money.

Work with Bristol Braille to bring Canutes into your organisation.

What do they say about Canute?

Canute 360 was first released in 2020. It has won awards like the Dr Jacob Bolotin Award and the Touch of Genius Prize for its contribution to the advancement of Braille.

What do customers, reviewers and charities think about the Canute 360?

Meet the Braillists and engineers…

… That built the Canute. We are a team of people who believe that Braille is literacy, employment, and independence. Canute 360 enables the full power and potential of Braille.

Find out who we are, why chose to be not-for-profit, and why we’ve dedicated a decade of our lives to this mission.

How can you buy one?

At £2,050, or US$2,900, the Canute 360 costs less than a 40 cell Braille display.

As of January 2022 there is a limited batch of Canutes still available without pre-order. Order now or place a pre-order.

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